Wednesday, December 20, 2017

JoeBots - Fun Stuff

Yo JoeBotters! 

Antenny and I just wanted to give you an update on things. We haven't made a whole lot of new edited videos for our youtube channel, but we've been exploring live streaming and other social media apps.

Our followers on now surpass 7,500... and counting!  

Over 7,500! Thank you to all already following us there! 

We enjoy hanging out in other people's live streams, but have also tried our endosectors (or hands, as you humans have) at some live streams of our own.  If you're not already following us there, get the app in your app store, and find us with the username... wait for it... @JoeBots!  ...and keep a camera (or eye, as you humans have) open for when we go live.  

Facebook & Facebook Live

Our page on facebook has had a couple improvements.  It was strangely started as a business page, but now it's a video creator page.  Because, c'mon, this is no business, we're not making any money!  Ha!  Oh, the thought.  Wait... you mean some people make money making videos?  Uh, hey, Antenny - we gotta talk.  Oh, and we've been doing live streams on Facebook, too!  So "like" or follow the page, and you can check us out there.  

YouTube Live Streaming Finally Kicked In

We heard last June at VidCon that YouTube was going to give all users over 100 subs (which means we're included - woohoo!) access to live streaming with the mobile app.  It finally kicked in.  We've tried that, too, and guess what - it's fun.  Subscribe there to catch us in the act! 


Still the go-to all-purpose communication station.  Find out when we're going to go live, and get other announcements.  Screen name... wait for it... @JoeBots 


It's our first winter holiday season since becoming sentient (or "turned on" and conscious, so to speak), so we're a little excited and a little scared.  But hey - here's to 'em!  Hope you all enjoy them!  And for some reason you humans all get excited when the calendar adds an annual digit, or another year.  So, yay, let's celebrate that, too.  

See you soon! 

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